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HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing)

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STEP 1 : Planning with the Customer 了解客戶需求
STEP 2 :Assembling the tubes and core 管體和核心配裝
STEP 3: Gas Proofed Welded 無縫焊接
STEP 4: Filled up with Powder 金屬粉末填充
STEP 5 :Evacuated and Closed 抽真空及封閉
STEP 6 : Hot Isostatic Pressed 熱等靜壓加工
STEP 7 : Quality Control 品質管理
STEP 8 : Bonding by Ultrasonic 超音波檢驗
STEP 9 : Porosity by Microsection 切片微孔檢測


* HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) 熱等靜壓工藝
Powder Metallurgy 粉末冶金
Manufacturing Process 製造過程
→ Alloy melt   合金熔煉
→ Atomisation through gas injection (Nitrogen)  經由氮氣射出霧化
→ Cooling in the tower 冷卻
→ Sieving to get powder with particles of 500μm or less 得到小於500μm 顆粒粉末
1. Maximum abrasion resistance 最佳耐磨損性能
2. Maximum corrosion resistance 最佳耐腐蝕性能
3. High strength since no porosity 緻密無孔高強度
4. Homogeneous & fine microstructure  同質且無雜質的微細構造
5. No phase segregation  無偏析
6. Small grain size  晶粒尺寸小
7. Isotropic properties  同方向性
8. High flexibility of forming  高成型彈性
9. Almost unlimited choice in chemical composition (Highly alloyed steels)
Bi-Metallic Components雙合金
Manufacturing Process製造過程
→ Planning with the customer 了解客戶需求
→ Assembling the tubes and core 管體和核心裝配
→ Gas proofed Welded  無縫焊接
→ Filled up with powder  金屬粉末填充
→ Evacuated and Closed  抽真空及封閉
→ Hot Isostatic pressed  熱等靜壓加工
→ Quality Check  品質檢驗
→ Bonding by Ultrasonic   超音波檢驗
→ Porosity by Micro section   切片微孔檢測
1. Combination of different material properties  將不同材料的性能形成最佳組合
2. No segregation of different phases  不同組份無分離現象
3. Homogenous micro structure  同質微細構造
4.Diffusion bonding between the used materials  使用過的材料間通過擴散區結合
5.No segregation zone between the basic material and the layer  基體和強化層之間沒有分離區
6.Solid coatings thicker than 2mm   強化層可厚達 2 mm 以上
7.Special steels and hard-face layers could be used.  可以使用特種鋼和超硬表面
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